Summer Gashuku - September 2005

Summer Gashuku early start 7am at day break

Finishing at 9 am then off to Great Yarmouth dojo

First of the team events "The great chariot race" at Great Yarmouth

 Lisa & Michelle lead their teams to the beach, but there's always one who gets lost!!!

Throwing techniques in the dunes

Next "King of the hill" and Beach volley-ball

Walk to the beach for  the infamous Beach and Sea training

 The Sea, a pleasant 20 degrees....

 Not too deep this year as the current was far to strong!!

Winners of the Pyramid building contest... Blue team

Now for the Barbeque & Saturday night party.. all those happy faces!!

Sunday morning Sumo, Paul  Gray winner of the Men's contest & Anna Cockin Women's champion

Off on the 30 mile trek from Winterton on Sea

Oh dear!! That man again

Winners of the sand castle building contest... Red Team (we love you sensei's)

Lisa and Michelle give an excellent self-defence seminar including all the legal aspects of self-defence

A happy Mr Rice (3rd Dan) receives the much coveted Pink Belt award from Sensei Leigh

The Summer Gashuku caption contest Featuring Mr Dobbs 9th Kyu, winner of the William Acquaah award.

Send your captions to:  and you may win yourself a superb prize for next year. You will get to share a tent with sensei Needham (4th Dan) of Manchester

Best caption so far from Simon Middleton......"It's okay, he's blind in his right eye"


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