Gashuku September 2004

6am start at Longbeach campsite in Hemsby with Sensei Leigh

Class was split into 5 groups with senior black belts teaching kata and bunkai

The morning session finishes at 7.30am in glorious sunshine

Sensei finishes with Gankaku kata

Training at Great Yarmouth High school and the notoriously dangerous piggy back fights

William gets lost 

Trek to the beach

Dune training begins

Jon demonstrates his outstanding balancing skills

Sea Training ends and the BBQ begins

After an entire days training the BBQ is the best way to unwind

Nice Hat sensei!!

Just good friends!!

Helen leads the way

Grand Tug-o-war and Sumo final

Men's Sumo final: Adrian & Remus

The Ladies Final: Chris & Anna

Christina: winner of the Pink belt

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