Kancho Kanazawa and Fumitoshi Kanazawa at Kodokai dojo - November 2011

Once again a privilege to have Kancho Kanazawa and his son Fumitoshi at the Watford Kodokai Dojo for a club night and grading


 Ni-jushiho, Bassai-dai & Sochin were some of the Katas we covered


 Sensei Fumitoshi demonstrates whilst Kancho looks on


 After the course we have a senior SKKIF grading for Kodokai students

Well done to Cary Leigh who was awarded 2nd dan, Paul Gray 2nd dan, Ben Pritchard 3rd dan, Phil King 3rd dan, Sensei Leigh 6th dan

 The local Chinese are always pleased to see us and make Kancho and us very welcome

Kancho and the senior instructors sign a Japanese flag for the Czech Republic contingent



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