Winter Gashuku - March 2007

The beach at Winterton On Sea, Norfolk. Everyone is so pleased to be here!!!

The Fisherman's Return in Winterton is where we meet on the Friday night

 The morning walk before training at Great Yarmouth

Training at Great Yarmouth dojo starts with Kata with sensei Kevin Leigh 5th dan

Sensei Colin Needham 4th dan teaches Kata application

Sensei Lucie Marsh 4th dan teaches holds and throws

 Sensei Keith Major 4th dan teaches pull down techniques


After training then  to the swimming pool followed by the infamous fancy dress disco

 Saturday night when the alter ego takes over!!!

The award ceremony for 'the best costume' and prizes for the 'worst costume' of the night

Keith is so so happy to win Christina and the case of Grolsch!!

I'm sure there are some photos that should not have been shown but.... Oh well!!!!

As the night progresses nicely with the dance floor full..

Picture 1...  Simon

Winter Gashuku Caption contest!!

Picture 2... Lucie and Phil


Send your captions to to win great prizes!!!
Winner: Simon from Watford......

Picture 1, "Join the Church's Travel Club. You won't believe some of the places we've been to!!"

Picture 2, "I think this truncheon smells a bit funny, What do you think?"


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