Winter Open-Gashuku 2024 March 8th-10th (Friday - Sunday)

Hermanus holiday centre, Winterton on sea, Norfolk

With Sensei:

Kevin Leigh Renshi 7th dan SKIF. Colin Needham 6th dan WTKO. Peter Crawford 4th dan SKIF. James Atkins 5th dan ECSK. Paul Filenczuk 5th dan SKPF. Sharon Thompson 4th dan SKIF. Bob Jennings 5th dan SKIF

Plus other top UK Instructors

Two nights accommodation at Hermanus holiday centre in luxury chalets, which includes Bathroom, TV and Kitchen.

(Bed linen and kitchen utensils are supplied but it is suggested to take extra quilts for the beds)


Friday night starts with everyone meeting at the Fisherman’s Return a 300 hundred year old pub in the centre of Winterton, here you can order food from the bar and meet students from other clubs.

Saturday 8.00am - 9.30am: walk on the beach and the local nature reserve.

Saturday 11pm - 3pm: (leave Winterton at 10.30) training at Caister Academy in their spacious gymnasium. The class will be split into graded groups and each section will benefit from tuition from all the senior instructors in attendance.

Saturday 7.30pm:  Fancy dress night!!! Hermanus is the venue for the evening and the bar is open to 12.30am. This extremely popular evening involves dressing up in costume and this year’s theme is ‘Anything goes’. Prizes will be awarded to any one who can beat sensei Leigh’s outfit. (Be warned!! everyone must participate)

Sunday 2.00pm: The chalets should be vacated and left clean and tidy. Please note that Smoking or Vaping is NOT allowed in the chalets


Winter Gashuku 2023 Photo tour


Cost £85 (£70 n0n training) to be paid by 19th December 2023


Name_______________________________        Age___________ (minimum age 13 years)      




Grade____________       Phone no______________________          E-Mail_____________________@____________________




Bank transfer to: 11-00-74  11249863 K Leigh..  (please note that all fees are non returnable)



I, the undersigned guest of the Winter Gashuku organisers, acknowledge that I am applying for instruction in a martial art involving strenuous exercise and personal body contact. I acknowledge that any insurance that the organisers may carry may not cover injury.  I do hereby hold the Schools, their instructors, employees, volunteers, and agents harmless from any and all liability (including legal fees and costs) for all claims, actions, or damages due to injuries suffered by me or caused to third parties by me, arising out of activities involving Karate and Gashuku events, or any variation thereof, whether occurring on the premises of the organisers or elsewhere, excepting only those claims, actions, or damages caused by the gross negligence or wilful misconduct.  I agree to abide by the rules of the organisers and to follow all instructions given by instructors during the course of this event.

Date ______________________   Signature _______________________________________________



If student is under eighteen (18) years of age, parent or guardian must sign here and be in attendance with under 16's:

I, the undersigned, as parent or guardian of the above applicant, certify that I have read the above application and I consent to the applicant's receiving the instruction applied for and I agree to the provisions of the contract for myself and said applicant.

Date ______________________   Signature ______________________________________________


Application form to: