International Summer Open-Gashuku Norfolk 2012


September 9th/10th/11th (Friday - Sunday) 

Kevin Leigh 5th dan Ivor Garner 5th dan Colin Needham 5th dan
 (SKKIF)     (East Coast Karate) (Red Sun)

Plus Instructors:

Gary Welch 4th dan (JKAE)

Steve Marriott 4th dan (Yamakai SKKIF)

Vit Stencel 3rd dan (Karate Husovice, Czech)  Steve King 4th dan (Samurai Karate UK)

   With other top sensei's to be confirmed


The summer open Gashuku is one of the highlights of the year. The Gashuku traditionally were for Samurai warriors. They allowed time for the Samurai to train together away from the formalities of Court to hone their fighting skills and to help build and maintain their bond or brotherhood through hard training and socialising together. In the spirit of the Seven Samurai, "one suffers, all suffer".  Fortunately, in our modern times we are not quite so extreme, but the Gashuku is still a time to push personal limits and is an excellent opportunity for students to meet on a more informal and social basis. Many good friendships have been formed in the past, and many good friendships will be formed from Gashuku to come.


Friday afternoon is when most people set up camp, we will then meet at the on site Dolphin bar/restaurant. This is always a fun night where you will meet students from other clubs and will be entertained by the bars cabaret act


Training will start early Saturday morning on the campsite this will be mainly Kata

Break for light Breakfast

Travel to Great Yarmouth High School Dojo
Three hours at their spacious sprung wooden floor gymnasium
The Swimming pool at the school is booked for a relaxing swim after training
Return to Long Beach for lunch
Assemble at the campsite, walk to the beach to begin training on the sandy beach
Return to camp finish training for the day
Barbeque at the campsite where the BBQ's and BBQ food will all be supplied
In the evening we retire to the Dolphin where the camp organisers have laid on entertainment for the night
The Tug-o-war followed by a hike around the local National Trust reserve including self defence training
Finish at Hermanus in Winterton where a lunch time buffet is laid on. Prizes for the winners of the Team events plus 'Best student', the 'William Acquaah' award for the most infamous moment on the Gashuku and the much Coveted 'Pink belt' for the most home comforts or self-gratuitous deed on the Gashuku
3pm Gashuku officially over

It is recommended that each student take a Karate Gi (and spare if possible), tracksuit for Sunday, towels, sleeping bag, air-bed, waterproof clothing, walking shoes and swimming costume. For more Information phone 01923 239303 / 07733361045



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