SKKIF National championships - April 2017

The SKKIF National championships this year are hosted by sensei Winstanleys club in Wigan...

Team Kata...

The Kumite begins with Individual junior events...

Kodokai Team results....

Kata - Juniors 10-14   9th-4th kyu:
1st.   Margueride Maltez
2nd. Oliver Leonard
Kata - Female cadets
1st. Carolina Maltez
Kata - Male cadets 3rd kyu and above
3rd. Sam Merritt
Kata - Male senior 9th-4th kyu
1st.  Mark Hiscott
2nd. Liam Rafferty
Kata - Senior female 3rd kyu upwards
1st  Nikita Kotecha
2nd Monique Page
Kata - Men's senior 3rd kyu upwards
1st -  Cary Leigh
2nd - Steve Norton 
3rd - John Cabia 
Kata - Senior team
1st -  Kodokai 1 (Cary, Tom, Nikita)
2nd - Kodokai 2  (Simon, Steve, Ben)
3rd - Kodokai 5 (Mark, Jeff, Liam)
Kumite - Men's 9th -4th kyu
1st.  Liam Rafferty
2nd. Mark Hiscott
Kumite - Women's 3rd kyu upwards
2nd. Monique Page
3rd. Jemma Young 
Kumite - Boys 10-14  - 9th to 3rd kyu
2nd. Oliver Leonard
Kumite - Boys 15-17 3rd kyu upwards
2nd. Samuel Merritt
Kumite - Men's veteran
1st. Simon Middleton
Kumite - Men's - 3rd kyu upwards
1st.  Tom Durn
2nd. John Cabia
3rd.  Cary Leigh
Kumite - Team
1st. Kodokai - (Simon, Tom, Cary)



The 18 strong Kodokai Team came out the best on the day with 25 medals including 10 Gold medals and the Kanazawa cup ....



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