Kanazawa Farewell week Watford - November 2010

 Tuesday 2nd Nov....

Watford Kodokai was the first venue for Kancho at the start of one of the biggest Shotokan event's ever to be held in the UK and one of the busiest weeks for Kancho as he taught at SKKIF clubs in the south of England including the No Bo course in Windsor.

Kodokai are very honoured to have Kancho visit and afterwards entertained him at the local Chinese

 Saturday 6th Nov SKKIF Yudansha....

On Saturday the SKKIF Yudansha was split into two sessions 'Dan grades' followed by 'senior kyu grades'.

    Kancho was joined by sensei Ohigashi 6th dan and his two sons Nobuaki Kanazawa 6th dan and Daizo Kanazawa 5th dan

 Saturday Grading Kodokai dojo....

The grading begins after the Yudansha with SKKIF students from the UK and SKIF students  Europe grading


Watford Kodokai students did particularly well and all passed their kyu grades, Yotko Kirov, Glenn Dobbs and Anna Wrega achieved 1st dan. Danny Leigh, James Needham 2nd dan and Sharon Agius 3rd dan.

 Sunday 7th November Farewell course Watford Leisure centre....

A great honour to have Kancho Kanazawa at Watford for his Farewell course with over 500 students from the UK and Europe


The biggest ever course in the UK to honour Kancho Kanazawa and celebrate his lifetime of work in Karate


Kancho's sons Nobuaki and Daizo Kanazawa demonstrated with sensei Ohigashi and sensei Kato helping the large gathering



 Sunday 7th November Farewell Party - Park Inn Hotel Watford....

Kancho's Farewell party, with speeches and gifts from sensei's Roger Carpenter, John Wise and Jim Palmer of SKKIF UK

Every one joined in on the dance floor and once again the camera was there to record the moment for posterity

A Fabulous night and an emotional ending to one of the most memorable occasions in Shotokan Karate history

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