International Summer Gashuku - September 2010

International Gashuku with over 90 Karateka welcomes SKIF from Czech Republic. The senior UK instructors this year included....
Anne Hastings 6th dan  Colin Needham 5th dan Kevin Leigh 5th dan Ivor Garner 5th dan Peter Edwards 5th dan

Gashuku begins at 6.30am Saturday morning with Kanku-dai and the rising sun coming up over the north sea


Sense Leigh teaches Seienchin kata

As the sun comes up the students were split into groups where further kata and application were taught


The students were split into 4 groups


The morning session finishes with Sumo and back to back wrestling ...


With the morning training over we head to the Great Yarmouth dojo

Sensei Leigh taught the Senior grades the kata Seienchin and it's application

Grades were divided with the senior instructors teaching each section

The students were put into 4 teams for the weekend, their first task was to create and be judged on their team Kata


The Kata event was followed by team Handball, Football and again special request from Manchester dojo 'Netball'


The morning session was followed by the swimming gala which took place between the 4 teams.


The events include all the normal races plus the 'imaginative dive' and 'beat the sensei's relay'.

 Saturday Afternoon...

1.30 pm and we assemble at the camp-site to walk to Hemsby beach


We walk to Winterton Valley where we start the afternoon training


Set kumite on the dunes..


The teams are warmed up then beach volley ball begins..


The infamous 'King of the Hill'.... teams have to capture the others flag


Off to the sea to cool off....


To the amusement of the locals beach training begins...


The North sea... just a touch above 0 degrees!!


The team pyramid building contest begins. The higher the better....


Another excellent afternoon training over and now the traditional rush to the showers

 Saturday Evening....

The Saturday evening BBQ is always a great way to unwind from the days proceedings..


The BBQ is a great way to unwind at the end of a fantastic days training.

As the sun sets Cary presents the raffle prizes to the happy winners...


After the BBQ we retire to the Dolphin bar where the sensei's like to relax and be themselves

 Sunday Morning....

The Sunday hike to Horsey begins from Winterton-on-sea the next Northerly village from our camp at Hemsby


Horsey Mill, just under a third of the way.


The Team Tug-o-war at Horsey..


  Followed by the Welly-wanging competition

After the games Sensei Hastings teaches the women


Sensei Needham teaches the under 18's whilst Sensei King and Garner teach self defence and locking techniques

 Sunday Afternoon...

The seals are again pleased to see us all ...


The very inventive sand castle building contest begins...


The team events finish with the team Haka.. The most scariest wins!!


Gashuku finishes with the awards for various achievements and honours earned over the weekend..

The team captains receive their results then sensei Garner and Leigh get a cake!!!

 'Hard as nails' goes to Martin   -   Steve sings for his birthday   -  'William Acquaah award' to Simon   -   Ben top student Gashuku 2010

Gashuku 2010 Pink Belt


And the much coveted Pink belt is awarded to a very proud Yotko Kirov of the Watford Kodokai dojo...

Good bye for another year......         But please leave quietly as to not wake Alison

International Summer Gashuku caption contest



Sensei Colin Needham in his special pants.....



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