International Summer Gashuku - September 2008

The biggest Gashuku to date with 75 students from around the UK and the Czech Republic with Sensei's:

         Anne Hastings 6th dan                      Kevin Leigh 5th dan                         Ivor Garner 5th dan                    Colin Needham 5th dan


Kanku-dai with the rising sun coming up over the north sea

The kata was then taught with a further break down of application by senior instructors

With the morning training over we head to the Great Yarmouth dojo

It seems the senior girls were having too much fun !!!

Grades were divided with the senior instructors teaching each section

The students were put into 4 teams for the weekend, their first task was to create and be judged on their team Kata

We were privileged to have Mark Handler sports injury specialist, who was on hand to give individual advise and help.

The Karate was followed by team Basketball, Football and special request from Manchester dojo 'Netball'


Off  to the beach for dune and sea training

Stamina training....... It's harder than it looks !!

Followed by Beach volley ball.....

Next !! the notorious "King of the hill"

The teams must protect their flag at all cost....



Beach training begins on Winterton beach...

The north sea, a very pleasant 10 degrees

The Team Pyramid building contest...

 A terrific afternoon on the beach!!

Even this local kindly old chap and his dog seemed to have good time.


With Sea training over it's off to shower and then the BBQ....

                   The BBQ is always a great end to a hard days training, with the usual fantastic raffle prizes !!
                   The Oh-so lucky Raffle ticket prize winners.

The Sunday hike begins from the Horsey National Trust Windmill... Wolfie comes too

The sand castle building contest begins....

  The rain catches us at the end, but the seals don't seem to mind!!
  After the walk we head to the Dolphin bar for the Gashuku Award ceremony....

Pink Belt

Terry Wittkopp (4th dan TSKR) gratefully receives the much coveted Pink Belt award for spending most of the weekend hung over.


William Acquaah award

An exuberant Steve Higgins (2nd kyu SKKIF) receives the William Acquaah award from sensei Leigh

The Summer Gashuku caption contest


Send your captions to:  to win a superb prize for next year. A chance to share a tent with sensei Colin Needham


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