International Summer Gashuku - September 2007

6.30am early start for 55 students from around the UK and  Karate Husovice from the Czech Republic

This years instructors where sensei's: Anne Hastings 6th dan, Kevin Leigh 5th dan, Ivor Garner 5th dan, Colin Needham 4th dan, Keith Mayor 4th dan & Steve Marriot 3rd dan.

Kanku-dai was taught with a further break down of application by senior instructors sensei's Hastings and Needham

The students were split into groups with sensei Leigh teaching the dan grades Gankaku-sho


With the morning training over we head to the Great Yarmouth dojo

Grades were divided, with the senior instructors teaching each section

Self defence was especially popular with interesting techniques derived from Kata with sensei's Garner and Marriot

The students were put into two teams for the weekend, their first task was to create and be  judged on their team Kata

We were privileged this year to have Mark Handler a sports injury specialist, who was on hand to give individual advise and help.

The session was followed by the traditional team Basketball and swimming gala.. too much excitement for Keith !!

 Saturday pm

Walk to the beach for  the infamous Beach and Sea training

Freestyle on the dunes and in the bracken!!

Next !! the notorious "King of the hill"

The teams must protect their flag at all cost....

Beach volley ball.....


Beach training begins on Winterton beach...

Throwing techniques for the dan grades & Bow Kata for the brown belts.

The north sea, a very pleasant 22 degrees

Basics and Heian Shodan to warm them up!!


The Pyramid building contest...





Sea training over and now off to shower and then the BBQ

 Saturday evening BBQ

The Gashuku BBQ is always a great end to a terrific and varied days training



Some of the lucky raffle ticket winners!!

Even the local mad woman comes to visit!!

After the BBQ we retire to the on site bar at 'The Dolphin' were we have a well deserved quite night...

 Sunday am

The early Sunday morning 'wake up' tug-o-war competition begins

The 12 mile training hike begins from Winterton on Sea

Team Rounder's at the Saxon church

The sand castle building contest..

The Sumo competition is always a popular event on the Gashuku
Followed by the Hakka contest

Vit receives the loosing team's tray of crackers at the 'Fisherman's return' award ceremony, Winterton-on-Sea.


Pink Belt 2007

Sensei Steve Marriott (3rd Dan SKKIF) gratefully receives the much coveted Pink Belt award.



William Acquaah award 2007

An exuberant Tomas Kisa (4th kyu SKKIF) gratefully receives the William Acquaah award from sensei Leigh


The Summer Gashuku caption contest Featuring sensei Marriott....

Send your captions to:  to win a superb prize for next year. A chance to share a tent with sensei Colin Needham (4th Dan) of Manchester


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