Winter Gashuku - March 2011


We begin the day at 7.30 with an early morning walk on the Winterton On Sea Nature reserve ...


Sharon can't quite hold in her excitement as weekend takes hold

Great Yarmouth dojo with sensei Kevin Leigh 5th dan, Colin Needham 5th dan, Ivor Garner 5th dan and Anne Hastings 6th dan

The class was first split into seven groups, with the senseis taking turns with each group.

This year the senior instructors concentrated on bunkai for Bassai-dai, Enpi and Tekki shodan.

Plenty of throwing techniques and put-downs

Sensei Needham teaching Bassai dai bunkai

Sensei Leigh teaches Enpi and it's bunkai

Sensei Garner concentrates on Tekki Shodan with it's bunkai

We finish the day with five man demos which prove there are students with great imagination...

Before training and after!!!

After the photo then off to the swimming pool...

Saturday night at Hermanus for the Fancy dress party!!!

Some great outfits with everyone making a tremendous effort to win this year..

The raffle no's are called with the dance and sing-offs to determine the winners!!

The evening brings out the alter egos of the normally reserved karate-ka..

The happy fancy dress costume winners and the sad losers...

Another great party to end a fantastic day....

Winter Gashuku Caption contest!!

Picture 1. Sensei Needhams famous pants....

Picture 2. Sensei Mayor and friend....

Send your captions to to win great prizes!!! 


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