Winter Gashuku - March 2009

We begin the day with an early morning walk from Winterton On Sea to Hemsby in Norfolk...

The North sea air has a strange affect on some !!


Training at Great Yarmouth dojo with Sharon Agius taking the warm up.. This years sensei's are Anne Hastings 6th dan, Kevin Leigh 5th dan, Colin Needham 5th dan, Ivor Garner 5th dan and Lucie Marsh 4th dan.

The class was then split into four groups with the senior sensei's taking one each.

Sensei Leigh teaches knife attacks and evasion to the junior grades..

Sensei Hastings teaches a different aspect to kicking

Sensei Needham teaches Kekomi techniques..

After the first break, floor stretches..

Sensei Garner teaches kata application...

We finish with basket ball & football where the students try to inflict as much injury onto others as they can!!

Before training and after!!!

After the photo then off to the swimming pool...

Oh dear!!! best not hang around in there too long.....

Saturday night at Hermanus when a whole bunch of strange people turn up!!!

Some great outfits this year....

While sensei's: Leigh, Needham, Hastings, Garner and Marsh try their best to impress too....

The night progresses nicely with the traditional floor dance... 'oops there off their heads'.

Sensei Leigh calls the raffle no's, with the dance and sing-offs to determine the winners!!

Sensei Needham shows he's still got it at 50 !!!

Phil King and the now infamous banana eating challenge, with the winner Christina

The best costume's of the night go to Mark & his horse from Manchester and sensei Hastings

Steve Higgins gratefully receives the prize for the worst male costume of the night...
Another great party to end a fantastic day....

And while the others sleep the Northern criminals in chalet 61 go out on the prowl....

Winter Gashuku Caption contest!!

Picture 1. Gillian....

Picture 2. Joanne and sensei..

Send your captions to to win great prizes!!! 


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