Winter Gashuku - March 2008


After Gillian has had her breakfast we begin the day with a walk from Winterton On Sea to Hemsby in Norfolk...

Kamil paddles whilst Cary learns how to fly...



Wolfie enjoys his first Gashuku as the others enjoy Hemsby...

Training at Great Yarmouth dojo starts at 11am with sensei Lucie Marsh 4th dan taking the warm up..


Sensei Garner 5th dan teaches close quarter techniques


After the first break Sensei Anne Hastings 6th dan teaches kata and application..


Sensei Leigh 5th dan teaches the kata Unsu followed by application to the dan grades..

Sensei Colin Needham 5th dan teaches throwing techniques..

Team basket ball begins...

After basketball then off to the swimming pool for the gala...

Before training and after!!!



Saturday night at Hermanus when a whole bunch of strange people turn up!!!


Sensei Leigh once again impresses everyone with his impeccable taste in costume..


The award ceremony for 'the best costume' and prizes for the 'worst costume' of the night


The night progresses nicely with sensei Needham showing how they dance with the ladies 'oopt north'....


The girls can't resist the sensei's in their outfits...lucky things!!!

Another great party to end a fantastic day....

Winter Gashuku Caption contest!!

Graham, Keith & Colin

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