Winter Gashuku - March 2005

The Winter Gashuku this year promised to be one of the coldest -5c

But all enjoyed the Sat morning forced march lead by 'Teisho' the club Mascot

The afternoon training took place at the Great Yarmouth School Gymnasium

The class was taught by Sensei's Kevin Leigh, Colin Needham, Graham Riley, Michelle & Lisa Wright

With the lesson over time for the Swimming Pool and the usual anarchistic games to finish

Happy Karateka and now the Party!!

 Everything seems to be going well so far but the night is still young!!

 But then Sensei Leigh turns up and steels the show... The Chelsea flower show

You see Girls.. Dreams do come true

And now the high light of the night, awards for the best and worse fancy dress

Sensei Michelle Wright with the best 'Ladies' outfit

Darren wins a dream date for the best Gentlemen's outfit.... Oh Dear!!!

The 'Mr Godding's toe nail' award for the worse fancy dress, deservedly went to Sensei Graham Riley

The Party continues till the small hours.. it's a good job no alcohol was served

We are not sure who this chap is, he keeps turning up year after year and no one quite knows who he is. If you have any ideas please let me know as he will have to take out club membership and get a license 

Happy birthday to Sensei Needham, he looks great a for a 40 year old... shame he's only 35!!

Okay that's enough for this year......... time to go home


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