Welcome to Kodokai Shotokan Karate club. The club is headed by Renshi Kevin Leigh 6th Dan and are based at Francis Combe Academy in Watford. We are affiliated to SKKIF and  dedicated to following the teachings of Soke Kanazawa 10th dan head of SKIF Japan. Kodokai offers a comprehensive training syllabus for this traditional style in both set and free-style fighting.

Training with Kodokai will improve and maintains your fitness, flexibility, speed, strength, self-awareness and discipline, following a well thought-out teaching structure that results in high technical standards and the ability to utilise techniques in real fight situations. It aims to bring out the best in Karate of all ages and abilities. With regular visits from the top Japanese SKIF instructors in the World we offer  short induction courses for all new members  to try out before making a decision to join the club, call 07733361045 for details


Sensei Kevin leigh Renshi Kevin Leigh 7th Dan Kodokai SKKIF Head instructor

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Last revised 11th July 2022  

Kancho Kanazawa Soke Hirokazu Kanazawa 10th dan Founder SKIF